Volunteer Application Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center Volunteer ApplicationIt is our goal to help you find the most appropriate volunteer job for you. Please complete the following application to help us point you in the right direction.Personal Information*Name:
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I'm interested in the following volunteer jobs (please indicate all that apply):FundraisingPlan and assist with special events

Grant research

Grant writing

Sell raffle tickets or other fundraising items

Distribute posters/flyers to area businesses, churches, or other locations

Dog CareBecome a Kennel Buddy (visit kenneled dogs to let them walk and play)

Assist with grooming/nail clipping

Hold an adoptable dog at an adoption event

Transport dog(s) to and from vet appointments

Transport dog(s) to and from adoption events

Photgraph adoptable dogs for website

Technology*Are you comfortable with using a computer?

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AvailabilityThe approximate number of hours per week that I can commit to volunteer are:
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If you are interested in fostering one of our adoptable dogs, please complete a Foster Application. Go back to the web site and click the Foster tag. The link to the application is on the left.*Signature: