Post Adoption Survey Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center (CSAC) strives to make our adoption process as efficient and successful as possible. As a recent adopter, we value your opinions and suggestions regarding our organization and the adoption process. The information you provide will help us modify and improve upon our efforts to find loving homes for future Cocker Spaniels or Honorary Cockers in need. We would sincerely appreciate it if you would take a moment of your time to complete the following survey.*Name:
*Name of Dog:
*State of residence:
Information Gathering*How did you hear about Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center?

If other, how?
If you had face-to-face contact with a CSAC representative, did they provide you with a business card or other form of contact information for CSAC?

If you had contact with a CSAC representative, were they helpful in discussing the adoption process with you?

Had you considered owning a Cocker Spaniel prior to learning of CSAC?

If so, had you considered adopting a Cocker Spaniel prior to learning of CSAC?

At the onset of your search for a dog, did you have preferences for any of the following characteristics?

Did you use the CSAC internet site -

If so, did you find this site easy to navigate?

Did you email anyone from CSAC for information gathering?

If so, did you find the response time and information provided to be adequate?

Adoption Process*At the time of submitting your adoption application, did you have a specific dog in mind?

If so, name of dog?
Please indicate the level of ease in completing your adoption application:
Please estimate the amount of time that passed between submitting your adoption application and learning that your application was approved.
*Did you have difficulty scheduling your home visit?

*Did the CSAC representative act professionally during the home visit?

Was the amount of time between completion of your home visit and placement of a dog in your home acceptable?

If you had a specific dog in mind at the beginning of the adoption process, was that dog placed in your home?

Post AdoptionDo you feel that the dog you have adopted is a good fit for your lifestyle, personality, and energy level?

Has your dog had any behavior issues or difficulties adjusting since being placed in your home?

If so, explain:
If so, is a CSAC representative aware of the problem(s)?

If so, has a CSAC representative contacted you or your family in an effort to alleviate the problem(s)?

Additional CommentsAny comments or additional information you believe would benefit CSAC?
CSAC appreciates your willingness to open your home to one of our wonderful dogs and congratulates you on your recent adoption.
Thank you again for helping us to become a better organization.